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341 Wakefield Quay, Stepneyville, Nelson

Dessert Menu


Hogarth’s Madagascar mille feuille, chocolate mousse, salted caramel, freeze dried raspberry 16.5

Gingerbread cake, butterscotch, spiced pear, candied almonds, white chocolate ice cream 15

House made sorbets & ice-creams on fresh fruit, lime syrup 15

Tonka bean panna cotta, sesame biscuit, poached rhubarb 15

Wakefield Quay lime pie, coconut & whipped cream 15

Affogato, ice cream, espresso with Amaretto or Frangelico 15

Artisan cheeses (wait staff will advise) served with oatmeal crispbread, mango chutney, grilled pumpernickel

1 cheese 10 / 2 cheese’s 20 


After dinner drinks

Sticky’s 75 ml pours

Spy Valley Iced Sauvignon, Marlborough 42 g 11

Port's 75 ml pours

Mazuran’s House Port, Auckland 10

Mazuran’s Directors 40 year Port 15

Whiskey  30 ml pours

Jamesons Irish Whiskey 10

The Dalmore 12 year Single Malt 12.50



Open Monday to Saturday from 11:30 till late
Sunday closed