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341 Wakefield Quay, Stepneyville, Nelson

Dessert Menu


All about Chocolate, Hogarth’s Madagascar opera cake, white chocolate ice cream & spiced hot chocolate 16.5

Angel cake, orange custard, sangria sorbet & shortbread crumb 15

House made sorbets & ice-creams on fresh fruit, lime syrup 15

Wakefield Quay lime pie, coconut & whipped cream 15

Affogato, ice cream, espresso with Amaretto or Frangelico 15

Little River artisan cheeses (wait staff will advise) 
Walnut & date bread, Sunny Hills Phacelia honey

1 cheese 40g 10 / 2 cheese’s 80g 20 


After dinner drinks

Dessert wine 75 ml pours

Lake Hayes Noble Sauvignon, Marlborough 48 g 12

Port 75 ml pours

Taylor's 10 Year Old Tawny Port g 14

Whiskey  30 ml pours

Jamesons Irish Whiskey 10

The Dalmore 12 year Single Malt 12.50



Open Monday to Saturday from 11:30 till late
Sunday closed